Winter Specials 2014

Throughout this Holiday Season Jackpot Party Casino will be running various Holiday events! Be sure to check in regularly during the holiday months to see various Coin Offers and Special Stores. Our super special 12 Days of Christmas event begins on December 12th.

Event Details:

Collect all 12 slot pieces before December 25th to permanently unlock a super special slot Colossal Wonderland.

How to Collect Pieces:

– Enter the game each day starting at 12 am CT during the 12 day period (December 12-25)

– Ask a friend for a missed symbol (They enter the game to send it to you)

– Purchase the special symbol

If you miss a day of piece collection, you may purchase the missing pieces for $1 OR you may ask a friend to send you the missing piece (friends do not have to have the symbol they only have to enter the game). On December 24th and 25th you have 2 days to try and buy or ask friends for any you might have missed. Do not fret! If you miss out on our 12 Days of Christmas event you will still be able to purchase Colossal Wonderland form the High Roller Lobby to unlock at any time!


*Not all players will be receiving every promotion. Please see our Beta Description for more details.