Leveling Up – FAQ Series

it pays to play on Jackpot Party Casino, unlock more free slots as you play!

Level up on Jackpot Party Casino to get more Free coins and unlock Free Slots!

Leveling Up is how you mark your progress through the game. Progress is marked by experience points which are measured by the purple Experience Bar at the top of the playing screen. You can gain experience points to level up by betting. The fastest way to gain experience is by betting high. If you bet $5 per line on 20 lines you will receive 100 experience for that spin. So in this case, it pays to bet big!

Leveling up has its advantages. When you level up you have more opportunities for extra coins, Bonus Award increases, Bet Per Line increases and Unlocking Slots. At every five levels you get to choose which slot in a section you would like to play next. A pop-up will arise allowing you to click and choose. You are in control of your game!

Currently Jackpot Party Casino has a level cap of 960. You will not gain experience points for future levels until we release them, therefore everyone who reaches level cap will stay there until new levels are released.

Boost Mode increases your experience per bet! Be sure to read more about it here: BOOST MODE.

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