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Send gifts of free coins to your friends on Jackpot Party Casino Slots

Gifting is a fast, free, and fun way to spread the joy of free coins and free slot machines to your friends

Gifting is a fun way to appreciate your friends that also play Jackpot Party Casino. You can give gifts to all of your current friends that play. There are a few ways to gift your friends. You can also send gifts as Invites to friends that are not yet playing. Read about Invites HERE. NOTE: Your privacy settings affect if you show up on your friends lists for gifts! Be sure to set your settings to Friends. Directions can be found HERE.

To open gifts click on the collect box in the Home Lobby. Currently you may only Accept 3 direct gifts per day. This does not include gifting back. As long as your friends are clicking Accept All and Gift Back when they get the option, you may receive an unlimited amount of gift backs per day!

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Accept & Give All is the fastest way to Gift Back to all of your friends!

You will be unable to send gifts to friends that have already received 3 direct gifts that day. They should not show up on your lists.

The first way to  send gifts is from your collect gifts box. Once you open your collect gifts there should be an option to Gift Back to your friends. This is the best way to send gifts to friends as everyone can receive and UNLIMITED number of these types of gifts a day. Be sure to hit the Gift Back button BEFORE you hit the Accept button.

The second way to send gifts to friends is to click on their name at the bottom left of the screen. This section displays your friends of the highest levels at all times and you can click on the green send gifts button and a pop-up screen arises. The pop-up allows you to type in the name of any friends that are current players to gift them too.

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Send Gifts directly to your top 3 friends from the Home Lobby!

The third way to send gifts is while in the Main Lobby click on the Send Gifts button located at the bottom right of the screen. This is the button located next to the present box. Once you click it, a pop-up that allows you to click on your friends’ names will appear. You can gift to any number of your friends that currently play Jackpot Party Casino, however, you can only send one gift per person. Friends cannot receive multiple gifts from you a day. Please note that your friends who already have received three gifts already will not appear on your list. This includes friends who have three opened or unopened gifts per day.

The fourth and final way to send gifts to friends is from the leaderboard. You may send gifts directly off of either leaderboard. To gift from the Home Lobby just click on the name of the friend who you want to send the gift to. To get to the full leaderboard you must be in the Leaderboard tab menu and then you can send a gift by clicking on the name of the friend displayed.

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Gift from directly from your Leaderboards!

NOTE: It is best if you collect your gifts as you get them. Please avoid saving gifts for long periods of time as the game resets itself every night and you might loose your collection!

If you have any more questions please feel free to check out our Note on Facebook at:

We are still working on many features in game trying to see which ones work the best. It is possible for many versions of the gifting to be live at once, meaning that some of your friends might have a different gifting interface. Thank you for your patience while we work on Jackpot Party Casino Beta!

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