Game Update


Hi Jackpot Partiers! You may have noticed that a lot of changes have been made to the game this week. Our goal here at Jackpot Party is to consistently improve our game, and in an effort to make this the best possible casino slot experience, many features of the game have been removed. Unfortunately, you may notice that some of your favorite features are gone. We would like to note that the following features have been taken back to the drawing board for reworking: Weekend Bonus, Power Bonus, Challenges, and Sidebar Stores*.


Please let us know which features you really loved and what you liked about them so that we might re-work and possibly re-release them. All of your suggestions help us to better prepare the perfect player experience that we’re hoping to give! While this might be a bummer right now, in the long run we really think that these improvements will make for an over-all improved player experience. We always appreciate your feedback, and request that you be patient and understanding with us as we try to progress. Thanks for playing!


*The prices in the sidebar stores were identical to our actual in-game purchases, but there may no longer be specific pop-ups or in-game advertising for these offers.