Big Win Stars – FAQ Series


Big Win Stars are a fun way to mark your biggest wins on the slots! Each star gets a little more difficult to achieve. Once you’ve gained a win big enough to fill the star it will say lit up.

You can view the requirements for the Big Win Stars while in a slot, just off to the right close to the spin button. Hover over the star to reveal how large of a win you need to fill it. Can you get all of the Big Win Stars?

Game Performance

843x403JPCSHere are a few ways you can help make sure that your game is playing at its best! These tips also help when accessing our Support Center.

  • Download Newest Version of Flash player at  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ . Be sure to restart your computer after the download.
  • No Multitasking. Avoid having multiple browser windows or tabs open and avoid running programs. Switching between multiple windows and tabs causes the game to try to pause. A paused game may not properly give out wins so it is always best to play the game with no background programs running.
  • Avoid Closing or Minimizing while playing. Closing and minimizing the browser during a spin or win may cause the game to pause and may result in issues loading or paying out.
  • Slow reels or “sticky” spin button? Be sure to lower the flash quality by right clicking while in game. A Menu will pop up, choose Quality and switch to Low. You should also try putting your computer power settings to High Performance instead of a Balanced or Power Saver mode.
  • You may also try setting your computer energy settings to High Performance.
  • Clear Cache. This is important if you are having issues loading or reentering the game. Every browser is different and might take a few minutes to complete. Follow the directions at these links:
  • Have the most updated version of your browser. Update them here:
  • Use Incognito or Privacy View in your Browser
  • Screen too big? Zoom in and out by hitting the Ctrl button and the letter Z while rolling your scroll button on your mouse up and down. You can also Zoom in and out by clicking the right mouse button. It will bring up a menu that has zoom in and out options.
  • Shockwave isn’t responding? Try these tips http://www.shockwave.com/help/faq_flashplayer.jsp#link1.1

Unlocking Slots


Jackpot Party Casino has a unique game mechanic that allows an individualized experience for every player. As the player progresses through the game by Leveling Up they get to unlock new slot machine! Every 5 levels a player will be prompted to unlock a new slot machine. The sets released look like this:

Set 1 – Unlockable at Levels 0, 5, and 10

Brazilian Beauty®

Zeus™ II

Invaders from the Planet Moolah®

Set 2 – Unlockable at Levels 15, 20 and 25

Jungle Wild®

Reel Rich Devil®

Fortunes of the Caribbean®

Set 3 – Unlockable at Levels 30, 35 and 40


Rome & Egypt®

Super Jackpot Party®

Set 4 Unlockable at Levels 45, 50 and 55

Hearts of Venice®

Enchanted Kingdom®

Reels O’Dublin®

Set 5 Unlockable at Level 60, 65, 70

Black Knight®



Set 6 Unlockable at Level 75, 80, 85


Crystal Forest®

Amazon Queen™

Set 7 Unlockable at Level 90, 95, 100

Game of Dragons® II

Sea Tales™

King of Africa®

 Set 8 Unlockable at Level 105, 110, 115

Jackpot Comet®

 Gorilla Chief®

Leprechaun’s Fortune™

 Set 9 Unlockable at Level 105, 110, 115

Mystical Unicorn™

Eye of the Dragon®

Kingdom of the Titans®