Jackpot Party Casino is currently in Open Beta.

Beta means that the game is still in product testing. In the case of Jackpot Party Casino some features are still in production. This Open Beta allows for a controlled group of fans to use various features inside the application to help with quality-control. This is a trial period where the game is subjected to controlled groups of users to test playability.

Players have access to many in game features such as Leveling UpUnlocking SlotsInviting FriendsSharingGiftingAchievementsBuying CoinsLeaderboards, and Bonus Slots. Production is still active on these and newer features of the game. These features will therefore be rolled out to small groups before ever being released to the entire public. We thank you for your patience!

Beta is a time where players get early access to a game features. Users should understand that this is a time when bugs, software and aesthetic issues are being worked out in the game. Early feedback is encouraged, yet patience is imperative as  many features are still en-route.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on future features, slot machines and more!

– Jackpot Party Casino